About Us

• Documentation & Evaluation of all systems from Gate to Gate.
• Development & implementation of Internal Control checks.
• Development of Internal Network of Intelligence for immediate & accurate information from different sections of the companies.
• Development & implementation of GROUP wide POLICIES of Fuel & Maintenance, Travelling & conveyance, Entertainment, Staff Loans & Advances, & Medical Expenses etc.
• 100% Pre & Post -Audit of all Payments, Payables & Receipts & Receivables.
• Recommendations for modification of Systems according to requirements.
• Confidential Reports to TOP MANAGEMENT regarding efficiency & productivity of different departments of the sister companies.
• Special (Planned & Sudden) Audits & Investigations of different reports produced by different departments for Top Management.
• Sudden Stock Takes & cash Counts of different stores & regional offices.

Business size

500+ employees


Commercial presence