About Us

MahaGro is an All Purpose Premium Potting Mix which consists of an unique blend of Coco peat, Vermiculite and 100% Organic Phazed Fertilizer which makes it very easy to handle and use.

MahaGro is ready to use! No need to add anything more!

Cocopeat helps in retaining water which means you water once or twice a week depending on the conditions. Vermiculite provides great aeration for the roots to grow faster and healthier. The 100% Organic Phazed Slow Release Fertilizer provides ample nutrition for the plans to grow healthy!

1. MahaGro Premium Potting Mix is best for all potted plants compared to conventional potting soil.
2. MahaGro Premium Potting Mix is a boon for all urban gardeners with limited space.
3. MahaGro Premium Potting Mix is a perfect growing medium to grow plants in apartment complexes and high rise buildings.
4. MahaGro Premium Potting Mix won't leave any dirt stains on your marble or other expensive flooring.
5. MahaGro Premium Potting Mix's light weight advantage makes pots easy to move around.

Merits of MahaGro’s Ready-to-Use Potting Mix:
1. Its Odorless.
2. Plants get more aeration and water.
3. Minimizes soil-borne diseases.
4. Minimizes weed growth around plants and in the pots
5.Free from compaction over time.
6. The Pre-Mixed 100% Organic fertilizer gives your potted plants a perfect growing environment.

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